In 1928 our company was founded by Mr. Abbas in Eminönü, Istanbul, wholesale bags, jute, ropes and various import-export business dealing with a family business until 2009, claimed the property in commercial activities continued. As a result of an unfortunate incident of fire that separated and the old place to keep up with the age requirements and 3 with a new formation generation of business life with the management teamARSLAN INDUSTRY PRODUCTS INDUSTRY GROUP TRADING COMPANY LIMITED under the name continues with import-export and contracting.


  National and international context, developing solutions focused on delivering quality services and products to create added value for our customers, our employees and contributes to personal development, joint working and producing in line with our values ??will always thrive by focusing on priority.

  Arslan Group, our vision customers and employees provide positive values??, products and services to a large audience access social responsibility, aware of the true values??, reliability, quality management, extensive service network, product diversity in the leadership, professional staff and customer-oriented services with the understanding comes to mind first and being a global company is preferred.

For employees who pride, As for customers, offering an environment of trust, the quality of the vision of being an innovative company with its principle, Arslan Group is the corporate principles.


  Arslan Group, in all his works capture the high standards of performance and corporate responsibility principle.

  Therefore Arslan Group,
Professional competence, leadership motivates employees with the understanding that combines high performance,
Open-minded, grasping the needs and priorities of the company, having the courage to question the decisions and policies,
Have the flexibility to develop their experience, decisions and behaviors into life in the corporate principles for selecting, developing and upgrading targets.